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Responsible Gambling Fund

The Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF) plays a key role in advising the NSW Government on the allocation of funds for initiatives and programs that support responsible gambling and help reduce gambling-related harms.

The RGF is established under the Casino Control Act 1992. The Act requires each casino licence in NSW to make contributions to the Fund, with contributions currently set at two percent of gaming revenue.  Money may also be paid into the Fund as a community benefit payment or gaming machine lease levy under the Gaming Machines Act. The Betting Tax Act also allows for the Treasurer to pay certain amounts to the Fund.

The RGF is administered by Trustees who make recommendations to the Minister on the appropriate allocation of money for responsible gambling purposes.  The Trustees also perform an expert advisory role to assist the Minister to make decisions on the funds as well as other gambling policy matters where an arm’s length and expert view is necessary.

Trustees are supported by the Office of Responsible Gambling, which develops and implements programs and initiatives to support responsible gambling and minimise the risk of gambling harm in the community.

The Fund is governed by a Trust Deed and Policy Guidelines issued by the Minister for Racing, consistent with section 115 of the Casino Control Act 1992.

In 2018/19 $30 million has been committed from the Fund to support responsible gambling in NSW.