Responsible Conduct of Gambling Study

About the study

This study, by Central Queensland University, contributes to the review and potential improvement of Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) practices in NSW. There has not been a comprehensive examination into the effectiveness of RCG practices and training in NSW. The intention is for this research to build an evidence-base to inform improvements to RCG requirements, training and practices.

The research methodology included:

  • a rapid literature review of academic papers and grey literature
  • an online survey of over 2,000 venue staff who had undertaken RCG training in the past five years and were employed in a NSW club or hotel at the time of the survey
  • focus groups with venue staff working in NSW clubs and hotels

The key findings were:

  • NSW clubs and hotels use an informed choice approach to RCG.
  • Most employees reported that their venue implements regulated RCG practices but some were aware of illegal practices occurring.
  • Employees reported being responsive to patrons asking for help for their gambling, but monitoring of self-exclusion has numerous deficiencies.
  • Very few patrons directly ask for help for their gambling.
  • Employees report regularly observing patrons showing signs of problem gambling, but rarely approach those who do not ask for help or report them upwards.
  • Genuine management commitment to patron welfare can improve some RCG practices, but these venues were reported to be in the minority.
  • The current approach to RCG is having little positive impact on harm prevention or reduction.
  • Other jurisdictions are increasingly moving towards a harm minimisation approach.
  • Substantial changes to RCG practices and training in NSW are needed to meaningfully minimise gambling harm.

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How to cite this report

Hing, N., Russell, A. & Rawat, V. (2020). Responsible Conduct of Gambling. [Central Queensland University]. Commissioned by New South Wales Responsible Gambling Fund, Sydney.