NSW Gambling Survey 2019

This report details the results of the NSW Gambling Survey, 2019. This survey was conducted among the NSW adult population to measure gambling participation and the level of problem gambling.

NSW has previously undertaken prevalence studies to assess and monitor trends in gambling participation and track the prevalence and profile of problem gambling in the general population. Comparisons are made with previous NSW prevalence studies.

To better align this research with a public health perspective, the 2019 survey expands on previous prevalence surveys to capture the prevalence of some of the adverse impacts of gambling in the NSW population.

Results from this survey are intended to inform policy, prevention and treatment efforts. It also provides a snapshot of gambling in 2019 that can be used for comparisons with past and future NSW gambling prevalence surveys.

This research was commissioned by the NSW Responsible Gambling Fund and undertaken by Central Queensland University (CQU). Management of the research contract was overseen by Liquor & Gaming NSW.

The NSW Gambling Survey 2019 report was revised in March 2020. In the original report, some of the data relating to respondent demographics was affected by the incorrect application of population weights. This data has been corrected in the revised report, and text referring to the affected tables has been changed accordingly.  The majority of the reported data, tables and findings are unchanged. The full details of all corrections and revisions is provided in Appendix D of the revised report.

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Central Queensland University. (2019). NSW Gambling Survey, 2019. Commissioned by New South Wales Responsible Gambling Fund, Sydney.