Research Agenda 2018-2021

The Responsible Gambling Fund supports NSW Government initiatives and programs that enable people to make informed decisions about participating in gambling, minimise harm and aim to reduce the incidence and prevalence of problem gambling.

Research plays a key role in the work of the Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF). The commissioning of research projects is used to better inform:

  • the development of evidence based responsible gambling policy, initiatives and regulatory approaches
  • innovations in prevention, harm minimisation, intervention and support
  • education and awareness programs to assist the people of NSW make informed
    choices, build awareness of responsible gambling and gambling related harm, and de-stigmatise help-seeking behaviour

Research objectives

The priority research themes for the RGF throughout 2018-2021 are:

  • long term efficacy and effectiveness of treatments
  • what works in prevention and harm minimisation
  • emerging technologies and new trends
  • attitudes and behaviours towards gambling in vulnerable or target groups
  • gambling prevalence and understanding and measuring harm
  • support for policy development and regulatory effectiveness

To support this work the RGF will also focus during 2018-2021 on:

  • valuation of current programs and services to determine effectiveness
  • building capability and capacity for rigorous academic gambling research
  • synthesising and publishing relevant national and international insights, research findings and information to build capacity and contribute to improving responsible gambling practices, service improvements and to influence policy
  • developing research insights and findings to contribute to policy and regulatory considerations
  • using ‘big data’ including the analysis of gambling, social and health data at a regional and state-wide level

Research activities

Each year the Office of Responsible Gambling develops a Research Plan to help determine and priorities the commissioning, co-commissioning and funding of research projects that address the key research objectives for the RGF.

The RGF encourages wide range of research activities including academic and nonacademic, literature reviews, data analysis, pilots and trials to test feasibility and evaluations.

Research Agenda 2018 - 2021 (PDF 29K)