Office of Responsible Gambling

Community Benefit Payments

The Community Benefit Payments are part of the Local Impact Assessment scheme (LIA). The LIA helps assess the impact to local communities of an increase in gaming machines. The LIA process ensures local councils, police and residents have a say in what happens in their community.

An LIA is completed by clubs or hotels that request an increase to gaming machines in their venues, or when a hotel or club changes location. The LIA process ensures that individuals and organisations can make a submission in response to a gaming machine threshold increase proposed by a club or a hotel.

LIA reforms adopted in the NSW Parliament in March 2018 provide for monetary contributions to community organisations in an area where a venue has an approved increase in the number of their gaming machine entitlements.

The information below provides community organisation on how LIA community benefit payments are managed. For information for venues on the scheme please go to the Liquor & Gaming website.

Community benefit requirement

Changes to the LIA scheme require venues seeking extra gaming machines to make a community benefit payment to the RGF.

Venues may be required make a community benefit payment to satisfy the requirement that the extra gaming machines they are seeking will provide a positive contribution to or have an overall positive impact on the local community where the venue is situated.

Under the legislation, when the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) decides to approve a venue’s application for additional gaming machines, the approval will include a condition that the venue contributes a calculated, set amount to the RGF as a one-off or annually up to five years.

Community benefit payments

Contributions will be directed to the community where the applying venue is located. The Office of Responsible Gambling forms community contribution panels comprising a local community representative and responsible gambling experts to allocate the contributions to local organisations.

What can a community benefit payment be used for?

Contributions made to organisations and charities are not tied to specific project outcomes. In most cases contributions will be a one-off, unconditional offer of support to assist the service to continue and further its work in the community.

Who can receive a community benefit payment?

Community contributions are open to not-for-profit organisations and registered charities based in NSW that support the social wellbeing of the community. This can include, but not limited to, responsible gambling, problem gambling, health and crisis support.

Register your organisations interest to be contacted about future community contributions by emailing