Manage your gambling

Everyone is different when it comes to gambling. Some people only have an annual bet on the Melbourne Cup while others bet several times a week. For some people, gambling is a fun and harmless activity. For others, it can be the cause of serious problems. It’s important to understand your own gambling and what works for you.

Everyone should consider their gambling behaviours and keep the following tips in mind:

Set a limit on your funds

Only gamble what you can afford. If you’re going to gamble, it’s a good idea to leave your bank and credit cards at home and only take with you the cash you can afford and want to spend. If you’re gambling online, take advantage of deposit limit tools offered by most online wagering operators.

Be informed

Make informed choices when gambling and do your research. Know the risks of gambling and understand the real value proposition.

Use social support

If you tell your friends what your limits are you will be more likely to stick to them. Having a support network can help if gambling is becoming a problem for you.

Don’t be afraid to seek help

If you want help or advice on gambling, speak to someone you trust or contact Gambling Help NSW for free and confidential advice  on 1800 858 858 or via online chat at the Gambling Help website. We’re here to help, anytime.


What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a voluntary option for people experiencing gambling problems. Anyone can exclude or bar themselves from NSW venues or from online betting services if they want to cut down, have a break or quit gambling.

Our free and confidential Gambling Help services can talk you through the process, or you can read on for more information.

How does it work?

You can choose where you wish to be excluded from – whether that’s part of a venue, an entire venue, or an online betting service.

If you’re excluding yourself from a venue, once you enter into the agreement you will not be allowed to enter the parts of the venue you’ve asked to be excluded from. If you do try and enter these areas staff can remove you. You can set how long your exclusion period is, but there is a minimum period of six months.

If you’re excluding yourself from an online betting service you will not be able to use your account for betting. You can withdraw any remaining balance but not re-open the account. You can exclude yourself permanently, or if you just want to take a break you can deactivate your account for a short period of time. You can choose whether it’s for days, weeks or months.

Why should I self-exclude?

Deciding to self-exclude is a good way to keep in control of your gambling, whether you want to cut down, have a break or quit. You choose where you are excluded from.  Self-exclusion is free.

How do I make it happen?

To self-exclude from casinos, clubs and hotels: The process is usually an interview with the venue in question. You will sign an exclusion agreement which identifies the venue or part of the venue you want to be excluded from. You can also exclude yourself from multiple pubs and clubs with a single request through BetSafe and the Clubs NSW scheme ClubSafe.

To self-exclude from online betting services, you can do it online on the provider’s website. For more information, visit the relevant page or pages below.

We can help you

Gambling Help can support you to self-exclude. Call Gambling Help anytime for free and confidential advice and support on 1800 858 858.