For employers and work colleagues

Did you know that about one percent of the NSW population has a gambling problem? With the spread of gambling online, we can now gamble anywhere at any time, including at home and at work.

There are warning signs you can look out for in the workplace:

  • Arriving late or taking long lunches to gamble
  • Gambling during work time
  • Using work phones or computers to place bets
  • Being distracted by their losses or the next bet
  • Asking to borrow money or for salary advances
  • Constantly looking at sporting results or betting websites

If you need to start a conversation about someone’s gambling, the following tips may help:

  • Express facts, thoughts and feelings without placing blame
  • Use “I” not “you statements”
  • Show that you are listening
  • Be understanding
  • Plan your responses beforehand and think about their possible reactions

If an employee or colleague discloses that they have a gambling problem, you can refer them to Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 or for free and confidential advice and support.

For more information please read our guide on Problem Gambling and The Workplace.