What do teenagers think about gambling?

We’ve talked with young people about how they feel about gambling and the increase of gambling advertising in the media. Gambling Help counsellor and Manager of the University of Sydney Gambling Clinic, Kirsten Shannon, sat down with a group of Narara Valley High School students to talk about gambling. In this 11 part series we get to know what teens think about underage gambling, the impact of gambling ads, what they find appealing about gambling and what they find appalling.

Make me feel good

Our teens talk about their response to a gambling advert. We asked them ‘how do gambling ads make you look and feel good?’


We ask our teens who they think gambling ads ‘flirt’ with the most. In other words, which target demographic are they most interested in appealing to?

Tip this

We ask our teens what they think about the amount of sports betting ads that air during sporting matches on TV.

Show me the glamour

We ask our teens why betting agencies might use celebrities and sports starts to promote their brands.

Can you bank on it?

We ask our teens to guestimate how many sports betters actually make a profit over a 12 month period.

Never seen a loser...

Our teens discuss facets of gambling that ads show — and those they don’t show.


We ask our teens if, once they know the real odds, it changes how they see gambling ads.

Scratch this

We discuss scratchies and how much you have to spend to win!

Get off my phone

Our Teens discuss gambling ads appearing on their phones.

Smart means wins?

Our teens answer the question 'When it comes to gambling, does skill have much to do with it? Or is it all about chance?'

The odds are what?

Our Teens guess the odds of winning on the pokies.