Responsible Gambling Grants

Responsible Gambling Grant Funding Available

Responsible Gambling Grants Programs

In January 2019 the Office of Responsible Gambling opened two grants programs. Up to $2.5 million from the Responsible Gambling Fund was made available for innovative projects that prevent and reduce gambling harm in communities across NSW.

Prevention, Innovation & Technology Grants 2019 Funding

Support was offered for one-off unique projects in the areas of technology, prevention and harm minimisation.

We sought projects undertaken by experts from a variety of disciplines to ensure that technology is leveraged to most effectively deliver responsible gambling education, services and outcomes.

Applicants were able to apply for small grants (up to $100,000) or larger grants (up to $400,000) to:

  • develop products that can be used by consumers, for example apps or online tools that help consumers make informed choices
  • use immersive technology and virtual reality to develop materials that can be used in schools to deliver education and awareness, or demonstrate responsible gambling practices
  • deliver gambling harm minimisation messaging in innovative ways
  • integrate existing tools and triage systems in health and welfare settings to include or enhance gambling screening
  • increase quality interactions between gambling venue staff members and customers in the domains of harm minimisation, referral to gambling help, and education and awareness.

More information is available in the program guide: Prevention, Innovation & Technology Grants 2019 Program Guide.

Out of round proposals

There are currently no grant rounds open. However proposals may be accepted between rounds if there is a timing or business imperative that warrants consideration. To gain access to the submission portal for an out of round proposal, applicants will need to contact us to discuss the submission.

For a submission to be accepted and considered for funding ‘out of round’, the proposal also needs to address the following criteria in addition to the standard eligibility criteria:

  • evidence of a new opportunity the project will capitalise on or the timeliness of an issue the project aims to address.
  • the impact of opportunity loss and increased risks to success if the proposal was delayed to the next available funding round.
  • the project is unique and based on genuinely innovative ideas that are unlikely to be replicated elsewhere.

More information is available in the Prevention, Innovation and Technology Grants Funding Submission Guide.

Research Grants 

The Office of Responsible Gambling welcomes expressions of interest for research proposals that build the evidence base for responsible gambling policy, interventions and programs.

Our priority research areas

We’re always looking for new research to enhance our knowledge of:

  • long-term efficacy and effectiveness of treatments
  • what works in prevention and harm minimisation
  • emerging technologies and new trends
  • attitudes and behaviours towards gambling in vulnerable or target groups
  • gambling prevalence and understanding and measuring harm
  • support for policy development and regulatory effectiveness.

Applications from a diverse range of disciplines, fields and contexts are encouraged, to ensure issues are explored from a range of perspectives. Cross-disciplinary approaches and collaborative partnerships, for instance between academics and industry, service providers, or consultancies, will also be regarded highly.

Both large-scale proposals involving multi-year investments and small proposals with short timeframes may be funded.

This can include:

  • academic and applied research studies
  • literature reviews
  • data analysis and data linkage studies
  • pilots and trials to test feasibility

How to make a submission

Right now, there are no formal submission rounds scheduled. However, out-of-round submissions are welcome, especially if there’s a timing or policy imperative.

For us to accept your submission and consider it for funding, make sure your proposal addresses these criteria in addition to the eligibility criteria in the submission guide:

  • evidence of a new opportunity that the study will capitalise on, or an emerging issue or trend that the research will explore.
  • the impact of opportunity loss and increased risks to success if the research was delayed.

The Research Grants Funding Submission Guide provides more information on the process and expectations for submissions.
To express your interest in submitting a proposal contact the Office at

2019 Funding Recipients

Past funding recipients.