Infrastructure grants

The NSW Government offers grants to communities across NSW to support the building, renovation and fit-out of infrastructure. Funding is available for arts and cultural infrastructure, sport and recreation infrastructure and projects that assist communities with essential infrastructure and disaster readiness.

Infrastructure Grants are made possible through the NSW Government’s Clubgrants Category 3 Fund, which reinvests a contribution from the state’s registered clubs gaming machine profits back into community projects.

The next grant round opened on Monday, 1 February 2021.

What we fund and how to apply

To be eligible for funding, applications must meet eligibility conditions including, the project location, the applicant and project benefit, purpose and development status. There is also a requirement for local government applicants to match funding.

Infrastructure Grants can be used toward the costs of construction, alteration, renovation, completion and fit-out of buildings and community infrastructure in the following categories:

  • Arts & Culture: $50,000 to $200,000 available per project
  • Community Infrastructure: $10,000 to $200,000 available per project
  • Disaster Readiness: $10,000 to $200,000 available per project
  • Sport & Recreation: $50,000 to $300,000 available per project

You will need to complete an online application to apply for an Infrastructure Grant. The application form is available on the grant application portal.

To assist in planning and preparing an application you can access a sample Clubgrants application form.  You cannot submit this sample document or a variation of it as an application.

Frequently asked questions relating to the Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants can be found here.

How applications are assessed

Applications are assessed by subject matter experts against the following four criteria covering merit, engagement, viability and budget, as well as a priority framework targeting disadvantaged communities including regional, remote and drought affected areas, culturally and linguistically diverse, disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and communities affected by bushfires.

To learn more please read our Infrastructure Grants Program Guide (PDF, 4.83MB).

To apply please visit our grant application portal.

If you need assistance please contact us on (02) 9995 0992 or

Translating and interpreter service: 131 450

Information webinar

An Infrastructure Grants webinar was hosted for organisations considering submitting an application under the February 2021 Clubgrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants round.

The Grants Team discussed:

  • Where to access clear and concise information on the Program
  • What makes an application and organisation eligible under the Program
  • What applicants need to prepare before starting an application
  • How applications are assessed
  • What makes a good application
  • Tips on the application process

The team walked applicants through how to login to the online application form and some key points about how the form works.

You can access a copy of the webinar here.

Applicant tips

Understanding the funding program and process

As the grants are competitive, before you start an application it is a good idea to read the Grants Program Guide (see link below). This Guide will give you an understanding of how funding is decided and what assessors consider.

Infrastructure Grants Program Guide

Planning ahead - application form tips

To assist with your preparation, below is a summary of what is required to complete an application. When you start a new application, you will see it is divided into sections. The first section is the Eligibility self-check form. Once you have successfully completed the Eligibility section you will then be able to move on to any of the below sections.

These sections are for administration purposes only. The answers are not reviewed by assessors.


Answers required

Things to consider

Grant Administration

You will need to have on hand:
- Organisation ABN
- DA, compliance or exemption reference numbers from your local government authority
- Organisation contact phone, email, and postal details
- Additional contacts

If you have approval to use an auspice organisation the ABN and contact details will need to be for the auspicing organisation

Additional contacts are people able to access updates and results about your application. Your application is considered private information and only people you list as additional contacts can access information and updates.

Project Overview

You will need to provide in this section:
- the title of your project. The form has drop down lists to help guide you to create an appropriate title
- summary of your project (60-word limit).

The summary may be used for media releases if your application is funded. It should be factual rather than emotive. For example:

"The restoration and fit-out of the Example Arts Centre will double the current foyer, exhibition space and studio theatre. To be completed with new lighting, state of the art hanging system, and retractable seating, the restoration will reinvigorate the Centre for display and presentation of high-quality creations from local artists and touring companies.”

These sections are considered and scored by assessors. When answering questions remember to provide evidence where possible, rather than make unsubstantiated statements or emotive appeals.


Answers required

Things to consider

Priority Framework

You will be asked a series of question to determine how you project might connect and support the following communities:
- NSW Aboriginal communities
- Culturally and linguistically (CALD) communities
- People with Disability
- Regional and remote communities
- communities experiencing the adverse
effects of drought
- areas likely to have higher rates and impacts of gambling harm
- bushfire affected communities.

It is possible to receive funding without having a targeted connection with one or more of these communities. The assessors mark each application on whether they consider any listed connections are genuine and meaningful.


There are three questions to answer relating to:
- vision and intended outcomes for the community? (400-word limit)
- measures of success and outcomes (400-word limit)
- community needs for enhanced or new facilities (400-word limit)

The assessors will consider to what extent the project:
* has a clear vision
* will provide high quality public and/or social outcomes
* has implementation strategies for evaluating and measuring results
* introduces needed facilities or will enhance the usage of existing facilities


You will need to have on hand:
- statistics on current (if relevant) and future participants
- numbers of staff and full time equivalent and volunteers (current and proposed)

You will also need to outline how engagement and collaboration with community was undertaken to understand their needs

The assessors will consider to what extent the project:
* has strategies for ongoing engagement of the community, participants and/or audiences
* considers the needs and expectations of targeted groups and community partners and how those needs will be met
* provides capacity building within the relevant sector in NSW
* supports employment or includes the involvement and development of volunteers.


There are three questions to answer relating to:
- strategic partnerships (300-word limit)
- management, governance experience (300-word limit)
- future operation and maintenance approach (300-word limit)

The assessors will consider to what extent the project:
* is well-planned with appropriate approvals and risk management in place
* has realistic timelines to complete within two years
* will be delivered by an organisation with appropriate administration, management and governance expertise and financial stability
* has strategic partnerships and collaborations across the sector
* has secured future operations and maintenance plans.


The budget table requires detail on the overall project including:
- all sources of income (whether confirmed or TBC)
- all expenditure areas with notes regarding how you have arrived at the cost (finalised written quote, project management experience, market research)

When scoring the budget the assessors consider to what extent the project:
* has a detailed and accurate budget
* provides value for money and is realistic for scale and impact of project
* demonstrates an appropriate use of public funds
* includes diversified income from other sources and own contributions
* has appropriate provision for contingencies
* includes insurance and other liabilities.

You must upload the documents as specified below for your application to be eligible. If you are unsure of the requirements, please contact the Grants Team at the Office of Responsible Gambling on (02) 9995 0992


Upload requirements

Things to consider

Permission for premises / land use

You will need to upload one of the following:
- evidence of land ownership (e.g. rate notice, Land Title certificate), or
- permission to use the land/facility (e.g. official letter).

This is required to ensure your application is eligible. If you do not include it, your application will not progress to being considered for funding

Local Council development status

You will need to upload one of the following:
- Development approval letter/certificate or
- Complying development letter/certificate or
- Letter, email or certificate demonstrating DA exemption.

This is required to ensure your application is eligible. If you do not include it, your application will not progress to being considered for funding. If you unsure what is required, please call the Grants Team before submitting

Any optional support material not complying with the below specifications will be deleted and not provided to the assessors. If you submit more documents than required, excess documents will be deleted and not provided to the assessors.


Upload Requirements

Things to consider

Evidence of community consultation

You can submit a maximum of two (2) consultation documents. A maximum of six (6) pages can be submitted. Assessable documentation includes:
- consultation plans and reports
- survey results.

You can also submit up to three (3) letters demonstrating community support for the proposal. Letters should be from community groups who will directly benefit and engage with the planned infrastructure project. Letters from government employees or representatives are not accepted as eligible support material.

The assessors reference these documents to inform their scoring of the Engagement criteria.
Please take careful note of the limits for these documents.
A document that combines multiple letters of support is still subject to the page limits.

Project Plan

You can submit a project plan of up to four (4) pages. It should include:
- timeline
- risk management plan
- milestones
- details of project management staff.

The assessors reference your Project Plan to inform their scoring of the Viability criteria.
Large strategic planning or other documents are subject to the page limit. Please choose the most relevant 4 pages from any large document and provide these as the support material.

Designs and plans

You can submit building designs and plans. A maximum of seven (7) pages can be submitted.

The assessors reference your Designs and Plans to inform their scoring of the Merit criteria.
Large strategic planning or other documents are subject to the page limit. Please choose the most relevant 4 pages from any large document and provide these as the support material.

This is the final step before submitting your application.


Answers required

Things to consider

Authorisation & Declaration

You will need to confirm:
- information provided in this application is true and correct.
- you authorise officers of the Office of Responsible Gambling seek further information from other government agencies
- your organisation does not have any outstanding acquittals for past funding provided by the NSW State Government

Make sure you have authority to sign this section or arrange for the right person to access and complete this section for you.

Latest recipients

Arts and Culture Recipient List

Newcastle Historic Reserve Land Manager, Newcastle

Upgrade of the fire-safety at The Lock Up’s artist-in-residence apartment and refurbishment of the Main Gallery roof

The upgrade of fire-safety schedule at the artist-in-residence apartment will allow event venue in Newcastle's heritage precinct, The Lock Up, to continue to provide onsite accommodation, a work environment and community engagement opportunities for creatives from all over Australia to deliver exhibitions and events. The additional roof restoration will enable The Lock Up to continue to present exhibitions and events to the community.

Orange City Council, Orange

The installation of the Future City CBD Art Project

The project will be a combination of eight painted murals on buildings as well as eight sculptural installations throughout the Orange CBD. The project will bring the CBD to life for residents and visitors alike and create functional gathering spaces in what are currently under-utilised areas. By developing Orange’s profile as a destination for cultural tourism, this project will have lasting social and economic impacts on the community.

Woolgoolga Seniors' Centre Inc, Woolgoolga (NSW Mid North Coast)

The refurbishment of the Woolgoolga Seniors' Centre

The project will continue past refurbishment of the Woolgoolga Seniors Centre by replacing furniture, kitchen and office items, installing energy efficient hand dryers, installing LED lighting and a Tesla powerwall. This refurbishment will encourage seniors in the community to access the activities and facilities of the centre for their enjoyment.


Disaster Readiness Recipient List

Dungog Pony Club, Dungog (NSW Hunter region)

Construction of the Dungog Showground horse evacuation yards - $76,174

The construction of the Dungog Showground Horse evacuation yards will provide a secure and safe place for up to 60 horses to be evacuated into during an emergency such as flooding or bushfire. When not used for emergencies, the horse yards will contribute to local agricultural show and equestrian communities, providing secure holding for animals to support regular events that contribute to the Dungog community’s social, economic and mental resilience.

Newcastle Meals on Wheels, Maryland (Newcastle)

The refurbishment of the Hunter Distribution Centre

The refurbishment of the Hunter Distribution Centre will include renovations to the damaged freezer room – the existing facility will be completely gutted, and new walls and floors will be installed to increase space and ensure a long-term community service asset. The increase in space will allow for greater meals to be stored and distributed across the Hunter Region to organisations assisting vulnerable communities and the general public during times of disaster.

Ournie Rural Fire Brigade (ORFB), Ournie (South-Western NSW)

The replacement of the Ournie Hall

The replacement and fit-out of the Ournie Hall will be completed with fire-resistant building materials and include facilities enabling its use as a forward command post in the case of emergency. This will create an inviting social gathering place and enable the community to host a range of high-quality social and educational events and programs, while also providing a disaster-ready emergency and welfare centre.

Weddin Shire Council, Grenfell (NSW Central West region)

The purchase of the emergency response trailer

This project will include the purchase of an emergency trailer, emergency response traffic control devices and plant equipment to improve the Weddin Shire Council’s safety and efficiency when responding to road accidents. Plant and equipment purchases include signage, generator and portable traffic lights.


Community Infrastructure

Bega Showground Land Manager, Bega (NSW South Coast)

The construction of the Bega Showground amenities block

This project will increase the toilet and shower facilities at the Bega Showground. During the recent bushfires on the south coast of NSW, the Bega Showground was the main evacuation centre for those residents affected and accommodated approximately 2000 people. The lack of toilet and shower facilities was problematic. The construction of the amenities block will meet community needs for additional emergency accommodation by providing adequate toilet and shower facilities including disabled and ambulant facilities, which are not currently available.

Burrawang School of Arts Incorporated, Burrawong (NSW Southern Highlands)

The replacement of the main Hall floor - $165,000

The project involves replacement of the 104-year-old floor in the Main Hall of the School of Arts in Burrawang, involving extensive under flooring and sub-floor work. The intention of this project is to restore full and safe usability of the flooring so that all local community groups are once again able to use the hall as a venue for their activities.

Byron Youth Service Inc., Byron Bay

The refurbishment of the Hive Youth Lounge

The Hive will transform the Byron Youth Activity Centre staffroom into a buzzing youth lounge. Installation of a kitchenette will create a safe space for youth to seek nourishment, comfort and guidance. The Hive will support young people to access civic leadership programs, life-skills education, information technology and life-changing interventions.

CareFlight, Northmead (Greater Western Sydney)

The construction of the mobile rescue helicopter training infrastructure

This project involves the construction of a mobile life-size helicopter simulation training aid to train individuals working in frontline emergency services. This project will provide more opportunities for community members through the delivery of a dedicated infrastructure, but also cutting-edge education from CareFlight’s leading doctors, nurses, paramedics and aviation professionals.

Guyra Neighbourhood Centre Inc, Guyra (NSW New England region)

The refurbishment of the Hub building and garden

The refurbishment of the Guyra Neighbourhood Centre, known as The Hub, will include completion of renovations to match heritage verandas and awning, fit-out of rooms, installation of ducted air-conditioning, IT and internet connections and re-establishment of the community garden. This project will create a thriving community hub, catering for the information, social and activity needs of the diverse and changing community of Guyra.

Housing Plus, Bathurst

The construction of the Bathurst domestic violence emergency accommodation

This project will provide a hub for domestic violence victims by transforming a former aged care centre into five one-bedroom private apartments and one sleepover room. Each apartment will comprise of a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Residents can also access communal spaces, including a living room, playroom, computer room, additional bathroom, landscaped gardens and private playground.

Lions Club of Shoalhaven Heads Inc, Shoalhaven Heads

The construction of the coastal viewing platform

The construction of a viewing platform will provide a safe space for abled, disabled and aged people to view the coast in the Shoalhaven Bight on Seven Mile Beach. This facility will service individuals and small groups to view the wonder of nature.

Murringo Sportsground Land Manager, Murringo (NSW Southwestern Slopes)

The upgrade of the Murringo Tennis Courts

This project involves the upgrade of two courts at the Murringo Tennis Courts to an all-weather playing surface. This revitalisation of the Murringo Sportsground will encourage the continued use of the facility, which is currently the only sporting hub in the village, and increase membership of families and individuals alike. The all-weather tennis courts will also be used for coaching purposes for the local school and tennis gala days.

Nambucca Valley Youth Services Centre, Nambucca Heads (NSW Mid North Coast)

The refurbishment of the outdoor entry space

The refurbishment of the outdoor entry space will include essential repairs to walk-in accessibility ramp and the erection of shaded table for out-of-doors groups and activity. The completion of these works will enhance the facility by making it safer, more functional and more inviting. The refurbishment of the outdoor entry space will enhance the existing outdoor area and increase youth participation in free/low-cost programs that are culturally safe and foster connection, learning and wellbeing.

North Arm Cove Community Centre Committee, North Arm Cove (NSW Hunter and Mid North Coast regions)

The upgrade of the electricity and water supply

This project involves the upgrade of electricity and building connections and installation of a 50,000-litre water tank at the North Arm Cove Community Centre. These upgrades will allow new innovations such as a coffee shop with wifi, which will make the community centre a vibrant and sustainable hub.

Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust (RBGDT), Mount Annan (Sydney)

The design of a biodiversity map for the entranceway of the new Herbarium of NSW

A permanent interpretive biodiversity and cultural "map" will be designed by a First Nations artist/s following consultation with local elders and an EOI/competition. The design will communicate science and Aboriginal culture and be sandblasted into the entranceway of the new National Herbarium of NSW. The interpretation will also provide a meeting place and educate school groups and other visitors.

Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Ltd, Walgett (Northern NSW)

The construction of the WAMS outdoor facilities and garden

Construction of the WAMS Outdoor Facilities and Garden will include an entry pavilion with shaded space for seating, public health educational material, a public water kiosk, a landscaped garden and playground area for children and an accessible toilet. It will also include a drinking kiosk open to the general public at the Euragai Goondi community garden at Duff Street.


Sports and Recreation Recipient List

Cooma Golf Club Ltd, Cooma (South NSW)

The upgrade of the irrigation to golf course greens

This project involves upgrading of the irrigation pump control system and suction line. The improved greens will provide year-round enjoyment and resilience to drought and frost while improving water use and energy efficiencies. This project will provide a vibrant and inclusive meeting place for youth, seniors and the wider community.

Dubbo Netball Association Inc, Dubbo

The upgrade of the grass netball courts to all-weather courts

Two of the seven grass courts at the Dubbo Netball Assoc Inc will be converted to all-weather courts to meet the demands of a growing membership. Having additional all-weather courts will ensure the Dubbo Netball Association can continue to meet the growing needs of Netball in the Dubbo regional area.

Gloucester Soccer Club, Gloucester (NSW lower Mid North Coast)

The installation of the soccer field lighting

Having an extra field in Gloucester with lights will enable other sports to utilise Gloucester Football clubs newly lit ground and assist in reducing the wear on the other field. The scope of works for this project will include the trenching for the installation of electrical conduits, installation of four concrete footings, and erection of four light poles with three lights per pole to light the main field at Gloucester Recreation grounds to 150 lux average. The lights will be used for local, football and sporting community competitions.

Killarney Vale Australian Football Club Inc, Killarney Vale (NSW Central Coast)

The construction of the female and umpire changerooms at Adelaide St Oval

Construction of two designated female changerooms and an umpire room conversion at Adelaide St Oval will meet the current needs and acknowledge increased female participation in sport. The female-specific changerooms will have female-friendly inclusions to improve comfort and safety. This will foster increased female participation levels and boost their enjoyment playing sport.

Newcastle Olympic SFC INC, Hamilton South (Newcastle)

The redevelopment of the grandstand and amenities Complex

This project involves the construction and fit-out of the New Grandstand & Amenities Complex at Darling Street Oval Hamilton South. The facilities will replace a 51-year-old toilet block and a 28-year-old grandstand. It will provide a facility that will be utilised by over 83,000 individual users each year with the capability to host a range of local, national and international sporting events.

North Haven Bowling and Recreation Club Limited, North Haven (NSW Mid North Coast)

The upgrade of the Bowling Green with cover

Club North Haven is redeveloping an existing grass bowling green by installing a new bowling complex complete with carpet green and covered roof structure. This structure will complete an overall versatile area, inclusive of previous renovations which includes an adjacent viewing deck and new function room social space. This project will provide an all-weather bowling complex that will contribute to additional play, including evening events and increased membership, by keeping members and visitors out of the sun, rain and wind.

St George Randwick Hockey Club Incorporated, Kyeemagh (Sydney)

The replacement of the St George Hockey turf

This project will replace the original synthetic turf and shock pad with an international-standard surface, which is more water efficient and player friendly. This will enable the club to attract new members and attract more teams and competition play. Local schools and schools from the wider hockey community will be encouraged to return to the new field.

Wagga & Bidgee District Pony Club, Wagga Wagga (Southeastern NSW)

The purchase of the interior railing and exterior fencing

Exterior fencing and interior railing will be purchased for the Wagga & Bidgee District Pony Club to create a safe area for riders and horses and contain competition areas. This project will increase the height of fencing, double the fence boundary and create a fence that prevents injury. These increases in safety and functionality will bring new membership to the sport and community.

Yamba Golf and Country Club, Yamba (Northern NSW)

The refurbishment of the course irrigation system

The course irrigation system at the Yamba Golf and Country Club will be refurbished and extended to cover the entire course with automated irrigation, maximising effluent water reuse. This will reduce the cost of and reliance on town water and improve playing conditions. Improved conditions will attract more golfers to Yamba outside of tourist seasons and more visitors will increase local employment and assist other economic drivers.


Past recipients

Arts and Culture Recipient List

Cumberland City CouncilThe fit-out of the Granville Creative Centre$85,669
Dorrigo Dramatic ClubThe redevelopment of the Old Gazette Theatre$200,000
Hawkesbury City Council The upgrade of the Hawkesbury Regional Museum$61,641
Jervis Bay Maritime Museum The upgrade of the Jervis Bay Museum electricity supply$135,300
Lake Cowal Foundation The fit-out of the Lake Cowal Conservation Centre$50,000
Malachi Gilmore Hall The fit-out of the Malachi Gilmore Hall in Oberon$173,430
Wingecarribee Shire Council The upgrade of the Bong Bong Common Eastern Precinct$184,447

Download a copy of the March 2020 Clubgrants Category 3 Arts and Culture Recipient List (PDF, 43 KB)

Disaster Readiness & Community Recipient List

Black Head Surf Life Saving Club The upgrade of the of Black Head Surf Club$199,874
Forster Tuncurry Men's Shed The installation of the Community Solar System$88,457
Nymboida Canoeing The upgrade of the Big Shed$200,000
Regional Youth Support Services The purchase of the RYSS Shopfront$200,000
Sylvania Heights Community & Youth Club The refurbishment of the Sylvania Heights Community Hall Building$190,000
Tathra Surf Life Saving Club The refurbishment of the clubhouse amenities and patrol room$144,640

Download a copy of the March 2020 Clubgrants Category 3 Disaster Readiness & Community Recipient List (PDF, 43 KB)

Sports and Recreation Recipient List

Bingara Sporting Club The upgrade of the Bingara Sporting Club facilities$223,580
Bungendore Park Tennis Club The upgrade of the Bungendore Park Tennis facility$246,226
Byron Bay FC The upgrade of the changerooms and public amenities$220,000
Cessnock Tennis Club The upgrade of the four tennis courts to multisport$139,770
Cowra Rugby Club The redevelopment of the playing field lighting$154,186
Glendore Public School P&C Association The redevelopment of the school sports fields$300,000
Gosford and District Tennis CentreThe replacement of the court lighting$132,575
Goulburn Mulwaree Council The refurbishment of the Seiffert Oval Grandstand$109,529
Grafton Cycle Club The upgrade of the Bom Bom Mountain Bike Trails$128,200
Scone Race Club The extension of the Function Centre$150,000
Tumut Minor Rugby League Association The replacement of the sports lighting and electrical infrastructure$293,645
Walbundrie Recreation Ground The refurbishment of the Walbundrie Tennis Courts$110,680
Woolgoolga United Football Club The construction of the Woolgoolga United Football Community Rooms$125,000

Download a copy of the March 2020 Clubgrants Category 3 Sports and Recreation Recipient List (PDF, 34 KB)

Arts and Culture Recipient List

Armidale District Baptist ChurchThe upgrade of the Black Mountain heritage Baptist Church$53,028
Camden CouncilThe upgrade of the Auditorium Audio Visual Equipment$93,528
Country Womens Association - Harden BranchThe refurbishment of the Country Womens Association Community Hall$50,000
Key Employment AssociationThe upgrade of the Key City Farm$83,100
Maitland City CouncilThe extension of the Maitland Regional Art Gallery climate control system$200,000
Museum of the RiverinaThe fit-out of the Museum exhibition hall$76,000
The Eleanor Dark Foundation Limited (T/A Varuna the National Writers' House)The construction of the wheelchair-accessible writers' studio$50,000

Download a copy of the November 2019 Clubgrants Category 3 Arts and Culture Recipient List (PDF, 44 KB)

Disaster Readiness & Community Recipient List

Fairfield West Public SchoolThe refurbishment of the Community Hub Kitchen$17,094
Manning Point Bowling ClubThe purchase of the emergency generator$42,500
Marine Rescue NSW - Bateman's Bay UnitThe redevelopment of the Marine Rescue Base$200,000
Marine Rescue NSW - Ulladulla UnitThe fit-out of the Marine Rescue Ulladulla Base$23,000
Northern Rivers Community GatewayThe fit-out of the Disaster Ready Community Hub$65,156
Royal Far WestThe installation of the Fall-safe Window Screens, Drummond House$82,775
St Vincent de Paul Society NSWThe fit-out of the Harmony House$79,785
Tathra Rural Fire BrigadeThe construction of the Training Room$166,400
Winmalee Neighbourhood CentreThe fit-out of the Disaster Ready Community Hall$12,100
Wirrinya Progress and Sports AssociationThe upgrade of the Wirrinya Hall$60,160

Download a copy of the November 2019 Clubgrants Category 3 Disaster Readiness & Community Recipient List (PDF, 44 KB)

Sports and Recreation Recipient List

Belisi Wellbeing & Equestrian CentreThe construction of the fit-for-purpose accessible facilities at Belisi$300,000
Boolaroo Bowling and Recreation Club (T/A Boolaroo Sports Club)The redevelopment of the outdoor entertainment area$105,202
Casino Netball AssociationThe installation of the netball field lighting$237,388
Cessnock City CouncilThe construction of the Community Hub in Miller Park$100,000
City of Parramatta CouncilThe upgrade of the Gallery Gardens Park$181,860
Cobar Miners Race ClubThe construction of the Cobar Racecourse amenity building$253,000
Dorrigo Highlanders Football ClubThe upgrade of the field lighting at Dorrigo Recreation reserve$232,056
Eden Killers Whales Soccer ClubThe upgrade of the Barclay Street Soccer Pavilion$144,645
Hunter Sports High SchoolThe installation of the lights on the sports field$150,000
Ingleburn RSL Tigers JRLFCThe construction of the irrigation system$165,000
Matcham Valley Pony ClubThe replacement of the Equestrian Arena$142,675
Narromine Shire CouncilThe construction of the Cale Oval community sport facility$130,000
Southern Highlands Botanic GardensThe construction of the meandering garden pathway$236,523

Download a copy of the November 2019 Clubgrants Category 3 Sports and Recreation Recipient List (PDF, 44 KB)

Arts and Culture Recipient List

Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)The replacement of the Theatre Lighting to LED$50,000
Nambucca Shire CouncilThe construction of the Dawkins Park Cultural/Environmental Learning Precinct$109,604
Shoalhaven City Council / Shoalhaven Regional GalleryThe installation of the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery Climate Control$94,696
Think & DO Tank FoundationThe purchase of the multi-arts caravan, Universe of Possibilities$138,294
Wagga Wagga Art GalleryThe refurbishment of the Art Gallery and air-conditioning upgrade$192,000

Download a copy of the August 2019 Clubgrants Category 3 Arts and Culture Recipient List (PDF, 371 KB)

Disaster Readiness & Community Recipient List

Community Activities Lake Macquarie (CALM)The redevelopment of the Bonnells Bay Youth/Community Centre$24,329
Drake Village Resource CentreThe installation of the Rainwater tanks on the sheds$10,000
Hope Health 2508The fit-out of the Hope Youth Centre$144,000
Housing PlusThe construction of the Orange domestic violence centre$200,000
Mid-Western Regional CouncilThe fit-out of the Mudgee Airport hangar for ambulances$39,500
Narrandera Ex-Servicemen's ClubThe upgrade of the Club's Disability Access$72,550
Southcoast Health and Sustainability AllianceThe installation of the Red Door solar batteries air-con$53,499
SunnyfieldThe purchase of the wheelchair modified van$83,140
The Robertson Shed Inc CTC@RobertsonThe refurbishment of the CTC Building$13,750

Download a copy of the August 2019 Clubgrants Category 3 Disaster Readiness & Community Recipient List (PDF, 372 KB)

Sports and Recreation Recipient List

Ballina Rugby ClubThe upgrade of the Clubhouse and playing fields$162,385
Barellan United Football Netball Club (BUFNC)The upgrade of the Barellan Netball Courts Stage 2$115,000
Beechwood Tennis ClubThe refurbishment of the Beechwood tennis courts$100,000
Camden CouncilThe installation of the floodlighting at Ron Dine Reserve$101,000
Collaroy Tennis ClubThe construction of the Wheelchair Ramp and associated works$101,875
Harden Murrumburrah Junior Rugby LeagueThe construction of the McLean Oval Harden Project$112,689
Jerrabomberra Tennis ClubThe upgrade of the court lighting to efficient LEDs$125,000
Lithgow City CouncilThe construction of the Farmers Creek Shared Cycleway$270,000
Melrose Football ClubThe installation of the Melrose FC Lights Up Project$115,915
Milperra Colts Junior Rugby League Football ClubThe refurbishment of the Club House$170.053
Port Macquarie Tennis ClubThe replacement of the existing court lighting$114,978
Port Stephens CouncilThe construction of the Tomaree Sports Complex Multi-purpose Facility$300,000
Robertson-Burrawang Rovers Soccer ClubThe extension of the amenities building and canteen$129,000
Singleton CouncilThe upgrade of the 25m indoor pool dome structure$100,000
Terrigal Rugby ClubThe construction of the female change-rooms and upgraded amenities$134,806
The Hills Shire CouncilThe redevelopment of the Kellyville Park$300,000
Wellington Golf ClubThe refurbishment of the of Club's Irrigating Pump System$191,029
Westlakes Wildcats Football Club Inc (WWFC)The construction of two grandstands$189,192

Download a copy of the August 2019 Clubgrants Category 3 Sports and Recreation Recipient List (PDF, 376 KB)