Sports betting and young people

Young people feel enormous pressure to fit in. Like underage drinking and smoking, gambling becomes a real problem when kids see it as normal, there is an assumption that everyone’s doing it. Advertising can be seen as giving betting the same sense of normality.

Ultimately, the Office wants the NSW community to be able to enjoy sport without betting –to be able to focus on the game, which is what sport is all about.

Sports betting advertising and sponsorship, such as TV commercials, in-stadium signage and online promotions, is present in most sports and has got to a point where we don’t know sport without it.

There is growing community concern that constant sports betting advertising is forming views among children that gambling is a normal part of watching sport. With gambling now accessible 24/7 through smartphones and gambling applications, sports betting is at everyone’s fingertips.

For more information, please read the Understanding sports and race betting fact sheet.