Reclaim the Game

Sports betting promotion is part of most sports. Whether you’re watching on TV or at the game, it’s got to the point where many children think that betting is a normal part of sport. We want to change that.

We think you should be able to enjoy sport without betting. We want to love the game without sports betting ads getting in the way. That’s why we’re working with sporting codes and teams to Reclaim the Game and get back to what sport is meant to be about.

How common is sports betting and sports betting advertising?

While most forms of gambling are declining, online betting is increasing. With smartphones and online accounts, sports betting is now at everyone’s fingertips, 24/7. The NSW Gambling Survey 2019 found that one in 20 adults bet on sports. In 2017-18, $177.69 million was spent on sports betting - a 60% increase over five years.

It’s not surprising that online sports betting has grown so rapidly. Over $270 million was spent on gambling advertising in Australia in 2018. Sports betting promotion is ever present in sport – on TV commercials, in-stadium signage, sponsorship deals and online promotion.

Is sports betting a problem?

Sports betting is riskier than other forms of gambling like buying lottery tickets or scratchies. Research in 2015 found that 41% of regular sports bettors experienced one or more gambling related problems. Young men are most at risk of experiencing harm from gambling.

What can I do?

If you’re concerned about sports betting promotion and the way its changing sport, you can get ‘gamble aware’ by learning more about it. Understanding sports and race betting fact sheet is available. You can start a conversation with your family or friends. There’s more information below – about staying in control while betting, gambling more generally, and how to get help if you or someone you know has a problem.

Staying in control while betting

For people who do choose to bet, there are ways to stay in control:

  • Setting a limit on how much you spend. If using an app or website you can set a deposit limit, to limit the amount of money you can place in your account and a bet limit, which limits how much you can spend on each bet.
  • Avoiding temptation to bet more than planned, by turning off notifications and unsubscribing from marketing texts and emails.
  • Not competing with others or increasing bets when your mates do.
  • Avoiding bet regret by not betting when drinking.
  • Only using operators licenced in Australia. Using overseas illegal websites comes with additional risks, like not being able to get your money if you win.
  • Not chasing losses – chances are that the more you bet, the more you will lose.
  • Seeing betting as entertainment, not a way to make money.

More information

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Where to find help

Partnership with Cricket NSW

Partnership with Western Sydney Wanderers

Partnership with Sydney Swans

Partnership with Macarthur FC

The Office of Responsible Gambling launched Reclaim the Game in 2020. Sporting partnerships are a key initiative in the Office’s Strategic Plan 2018–2021, to prevent and reduce gambling related harm.