Office of Responsible Gambling

Advertising Campaigns


The Show some Betiquette campaign was designed to demonstrate responsible gambling to young males aged 18-35, considered at risk of developing a gambling problem, in the context of online sports betting.

The campaign ran from 7 September to 30 November 2017 to coincide with significant sporting events including the NRL and AFL Finals and the Spring Racing Carnival.

The campaign strategy responded to the impact of impulse in driving poor decision-making when betting on sports with online wagering operators.  It was an innovative social media campaign designed to appeal to the younger male market and demonstrate responsible gambling behaviours.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is an annual event designed to promote early intervention and awareness of responsible gambling practices in NSW.

The 2017 event was held from 23 to 29 October 2017 with the theme of Whatever your limits are, RGAW is a great time to think about them.

A range of events were held throughout NSW and a social media campaign encouraged young at risk gamblers to reflect on their gambling limits.


The Talkward social media campaign encouraged both problem gamblers, and family and friends of problem gamblers to address the issue, provide support to one another and share knowledge about the free confidential support and resources available in NSW.   The campaign ran in May 2016.

The campaign enabled people to create e-cards and email them to friends and family to start a conversation about their own gambling or raise a concern about the gambling of a person close to them.

You’re Stronger than you think

The aim of this campaign was to assist male problem gamblers aged 30-54 to overcome the barriers of shame and stigma and address their gambling issues by seeking professional help.

The campaign ran on television, radio, online and in-venue in late 2014, mid-2015 and 2016.  As a result of the campaign 26% of male problem gamblers said the campaign made them seriously think about seeking help and 22% of problem gamblers had sought help for their gambling.

You're stronger than you think youtube video