Know the facts and show some Betiquette

The man with Betiquette knows that sports betting is no game. He fancies facts, sticks to his plan and always keeps uncontrolled impulse at bay. Hooray!

Risk factors for sports betting-related gambling harm include:

  • Being a young adult male, aged 18–30
  • Family and peer pressure to bet on sports
  • Greater integration of sports with gambling
  • Exposure to sports betting promotions
  • Impulsive responses to betting promotions and live action odds
  • Easy access to digital money and sources of credit
  • 24/7 access to betting sites on mobile phones and Internet connected devices.

Betiquette’s smashing set of tips

The man with Betiquette knows his app from his elbow. He’s never fooled by tricky T&Cs or those mosquito-like bonus bet alerts. When he’s tempted to stray from his betting plan, he refers to our ‘smashing set of tips’ and sends his uncontrolled impulses packing.