What is Betiquette?

Betiquette is a mix of good old fashioned etiquette, with responsible betting.

Here, you’ll discover everything you’ll need to know about betting with Betiquette.

And, become the type of man who controls the bet, rather than being the type of man who is controlled by betting.

Here’s our handy tips to showing some Betiquette today!

Betiquette Tip #1

Set a cash limit

Set a cash limit on your betting app and stick to it. Never dip into the ‘Cruizn Croatia’ account - otherwise your dreams may raise anchor and sail away before your very eyes.

Betiquette Tip #2

Know your bet

Never try to chase your losses by punting on silly sports. You could end up pretty sore in the morning.

Betiquette Tip #3

Don’t be distracted

Switch off those pesky mosquito - like bonus bet alerts and offers. Stay on track

Betiquette Tip #4

Bet with what you can afford

Your mate's not a bank. Never borrow money from a mate for a bet, no matter how attractive the filly. Oh neigh.

Betiquette Tip #5

Never get intimidated by your mate’s bet

Just because your mate’s bet is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s going to get up. Stand firm without feeling the pressure to increase your own.

Betiquette Tip #6

Stay focused

Don’t let yourself randomly bounce like a ping-pong ball from bet to bet. Get your head out of your digital app and take some time out, in the analogue world!

Betiquette Tip #7

Don't go over you limit when you are over the limit

Know when you are too piddled to punt to avoid waking up with bet regret

Betiquette Tip #8

Keep it local

Never punt with some exotic bookie abroad. If you’re up for a punt, bet with a bookie licensed in Australia. Because when an Aussie bookie bamboozles an Aussie bloke, the likes of the ACCC and gaming regulators can intervene and help save your bacon. Oink oink!

Betiquette Tip #9

Be in the moment

As a betting bloke, you’re always looking to increase your chances of getting lucky, which is why you should always pay attention to your date - not your multi.

Betiquette Tip #10

Leave your cards at home

Here’s a red-hot tip. When heading to the pub for punt, try only taking the cash that you can afford to lose. Your great-great-grandfather didn’t need a plastic card to bet. Plastic wasn’t even invented then.

Betiquette Tip #11

Walk away

When you reach your cash limit, don’t chase your losses. Bid your mates farewell. The only thing you should be chasing after a night of revelry is an intimate conversation, with a kebab!