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NSW Gambling Survey 2019

The NSW Gambling Survey 2019 provides an up to date population-wide understanding of the gambling landscape, changes in gambling behaviour, the extent of problem gambling and how the various regions across NSW are affected.

How can people gamble responsibly?

Responsible gambling requires self-control and sticking to your limits. Law Ortovent, Northern Sydney Local Health District, and Professor Alex Blaszczynski, University of Sydney, discuss what it takes to gamble responsibly.

Latest news

New Survey Shows Gambling in NSW is Declining

1st November 2019

The NSW Government has today released the NSW Gambling Survey 2019 - a major new study into gambling in NSW commissioned by the Responsible Gambling Fund. The survey found the level of gambling has fallen in the past eight years with just over half (53%) of 10,000 people surveyed gambling in the past 12 months compared to 65% in 2011.

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16th September 2019

Residents across NSW are being encouraged to think about their gambling during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2019, which will run from 16 to 22 September. Just over half of adults in NSW participate in some form of gambling.* While for many people gambling is a source of entertainment and enjoyment, it can present real challenges for some.

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$12.5m for Active, Stronger and More Inclusive Communities

26th July 2019

The NSW Government has launched the 2019/20 Infrastructure Grants program that will provide $12.5 million for local community projects across the state. Funding is available for projects such as sports ground upgrades, museums and theatres, evacuation centres and facilities to support youth and the homeless. This year, the grants program has been expanded to support projects that build community connections.

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