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Introducing Betiquette

The Show some Betiquette campaign was designed to demonstrate responsible gambling to young males aged 18-35, considered at risk of developing a gambling problem, in the context of online sports betting.

How can people gamble responsibly?

Responsible gambling requires self-control and sticking to your limits. Law Ortovent, Northern Sydney Local Health District, and Professor Alex Blaszczynski, University of Sydney, discuss what it takes to gamble responsibly.

Latest news

NSW Government Grants to Activate Sydney’s Nightlife

1st July 2019

Late-night art exhibits, a guitar festival, street carnival, new laneway spaces and diverse live music events are among 14 innovative projects supported by the NSW Government’s Activate Sydney@Night program. The projects, will offer exciting new opportunities for people to enjoy vibrant nightlife in key centres including Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool and Newtown.

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Technology at Centre of Responsible Gambling Grants

27th June 2019

A website to allow problem gamblers to self exclude from multiple venues and new online courses on responsible gambling are among innovative projects supported by $1.3 million funding from the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling. The office’s director, Natalie Wright, said projects funded by the 2019 Responsible Gambling grants will lead to tangible benefits for people who want to make positive changes to manage their gambling.

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New study into the Responsible Conduct of Gambling

21st June 2019

A study into the responsible conduct of gambling has been commissioned by the Responsible Gambling Fund, to understand how effective the existing Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) training and practice is in NSW. In NSW it is a requirement for licensees, club secretaries and any staff involved with gaming machines to undergo RCG training. Director of the Office of Responsible Gambling Natalie Wright said research is needed to provide an evidence-base on which improvements to RCG could be made.

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Community Members to Share Experiences of Harm from Online Gambling to help others

12th June 2019

The Gambling Impact Society (GIS) has launched its Lived Experience Project to help the community better understand harms linked to online gambling by hearing from people with first- hand experience. The project, funded by the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling, is seeking people from across NSW who have personal experience of online gambling harm to share their story.

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